As I was watching the headlines the other day

As I was watching the headlines the other day, a story came on about the skyrocketing quantity of foreclosures which are taking place on the other side of the country. There was an interview with a couple who blamed their own position on the commission-hungry representative who sold them a home for they were not qualified, their legal agent who”hastily” structured that loan they weren’t able to manage to create payments , and also their former good friends for lending them bad advice. They fundamentally blamed everybody else – however on their own.

It got me considering just what the audio industry may learn from the actual estate business and the parallels between them both naijavibe.

Like the real estate business, the music industry is a percent based business. Both have their own particular esoteric speech and rely on a throw of revolving characters who play a variety of functions. Both are relationship driven. Both are service oriented in nature. Both flourish about concealed and deductions costs that impact price and profits. And obviously, both have good and the bad.

But there was one major gap: In real estate, nothing happens without finances.

In the real estate business, as soon as you are intent on buying a house, the very first thing to do is to locate a lender who will secure the mortgage for you in order make your purchase. Once upon a period when artists used to covet record deals, they did so since receiving a record deal was synonymous with acquiring funding.

The primary goal of this funding was to meet production and advertising and marketing costs. With the dawn of the Internet along with the resulting separate movements (that was liberally promoted as the answer to the alleged oppressive business practices of record organizations ), lots of artists will never obtain the type of exposure which their predecessors have loved simply since they will not need the financial method to achieve that.

In short, there is no longer an evident and readily available supply of financing for artists. Record companies traditionally served this particular purpose, however that’s starting to change as artists search, and find, other sources of financing (e.g. Madonna along with also her lucrative 120 million dollar cope with Live Nation) out of the audio market. Superstar artists which will be.

Aside from the financial issues, the main issues with music – and the music industry – are worth, perception and significance.

In property, the mantra isBuild it and they can come with financing to purchase it as in the end it’s not really an purchase; it is really a sound investment that will yield future dividends (typically ). Exactly the exact same can not be stated for CDs that (by people consensus) simply possess two very good tracks from 10 or even 1-5. That is referred to as a lousy investment. . .and a fantastic small business chance for iTunes. Right today most of us understand iTunes is not really about the legal purchasing of music, so it really is about the advertising of iPods, and so for individuals 15 – 25 (nonetheless the target age market for the music business ) the perception is that music ought to be free. That is without an I Pod.

So how can we make that happen significance? What pertinent course will the real estate industry provide to simply help the audio industry out things? Below are some:

Inch.) Set up VALUE

People today buy houses as a commodity, however they stay together with their families in homes. The actual product of the audio sector is the emotional connection people have with performers throughout their tunes, perhaps not the plastic CDs they purchase. If people find a artist that offers the audio which they may use because the soundtrack with their livesthey embrace them, celebrate themand reward them. It’s the psychological experience and also the guarantee of it people connect artists once they are getting their new music, merchandise, concert tickets, and now as in many situations, tickets. It really is if that assurance is not maintained that individuals believe frustrated. Greater maintenance and greater measures will need to get taken to capture, portray, and exhibit the psychological worthiness of an artist and also their own brands.


Money is dollars that is got above the projected price of your premises. The procedure for earning equity – that happens around a period of period – is also referred to as appreciation. What determines how much the worth of your premises appreciates relies in comparison to the growing value of around properties in your area. All

comps are accessed when you obtain your examinations completed (see 3 below). If you’re a music enthusiast or music producer, it motivates one to compare your self to the others having similar track recordings – maybe not gifts (talents are too abstract ). There in lies your projected worth. A reputation for delivering consistent high quality work more than a time period, will help build equity in your new that you can profit from. The exact same holds true for sector experts and organizations who provide products or solutions.


Because house values change, influencing no matter if prices go up or down, it’s essential to know to what extent your house is worth therefore you can offer it at market price in the event you choose to do so. This is accomplished by getting an assessment. Who can you buy these evaluations from in the audio industry? Your customers and clients. Ask them exactly what they think of one’s products/services and how you can make it easier. Most of all, immediately feature that feedback to raise your worth in comparison with a competition. Individuals are always inclined to pay a lot more for significance.


Whoever has ever bought or bought a home might let you know that the transaction entails the signing up of tons of records. Each of those requiring your approval of the terms and conditions of each and every contract for which you are liable for knowing and honoring. The exact same is true of agreements in the audio market. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not bother to see , much less know these arrangements. You never need to be a lawyer to see a record (even though a few individuals are willing to pay a lawyer to browse records to them). There is greater responsibility in the real estate marketplace due to deficiency of liability on any 1 man or woman’s part has a domino effect that clogs the cash movement, and in turn, impacts the main point.


The only thing which I love concerning the real estate industry is its professionalism. The players in real estate are all united under an single umbrella and focused on a single reason: buying and selling residences. All of them have assignment critical tasks that force them to communicate effectively with each other, and their own success is contingent on the sharing of key info and tools. In the real estate business, unprofessionalism is not tolerated. You’ll find ethics and laws which govern conduct. Most significantly, there is just a timely and accurate division and distribution of income by the sales which compensate their own professionals.

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